Pool Colours

Compass Pools Colour Advantage

Compass Bi-luminite is dazzlingly luminous and glossy. The technology behind this three-dimensional lustre is another example of the scientific approach Compass takes to every aspect of pool construction.

Compass revolutionised the look of composite pools by inserting large reflective chips into the resin and using two colour layers, not just one.

Bi-luminite Ceramic Range

A multi-layer colour system combined with large reflective chips creates a 3D effect for water colours of unmatched depth and luminosity. Create a powerful and impressive statement of style and colour.

Vivid Ceramic Range

A unique combination of pigmented resin, glitter and Compass’ exclusive large reflective chips, the Vivid range creates a contemporary granite-effect finish.

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The Way Your Pool Looks Makes A Big Difference!

The way your pool looks will affect your enjoyment just as much as the way it functions. Compass can offer you more choice and stunning colours that have unmatched depth and luminousity. The unique bi-luminite colouring process used by Compass enhances the appearance of your pool and actually works to keep it looking like new for longer.